Arbonne – 30 Days to Healthy Living Complete Review

Good Friday morning. I wanted to do a complete review of my journey with the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Program, which I just completed. I posted a few updates, here, here and here and now I want to tell you all about the whole thing. Starting off at the beginning, I like to think I am a generally healthy person. I eat “healthy” foods at least 80% of the time. I don’t even remember the last time I ate any kind of “fast food.”  I went in to this program with a pretty good mindset that I would be able to do it. Also, I am a terrible person and did not take any before photos. I workout regularly and began a new workout program in the midst of this journey. I will attest that doing both of these things together greatly helped my results.

Let me just start with the basics of this program. It’s designed to get your body to an alkaline state. This means that you will be cutting out all foods that create acidity in your body (along with all processed and yucky foods, of course). After you find a consultant (I love mine and would be happy to direct you to her) and get signed up, you should receive your bundle within a week. I got all of my items in about 4 days, which was super quick!

The kit includes 2 very large bags of vegan protein powder, a bag of fiber, 2 boxes of “fizz sticks” (more on these in a while), 1 box of Digestion Plus sticks, 1 box (7 packets) of the 7-day cleanse, and 1 box of detox tea packets. You can choose between chocolate and vanilla protein powder (both are amazing), and I think there are 3 flavors of the fizz sticks to choose from. You get added to a group on Facebook with the other participants for your month. In the group, weekly shopping lists and recipes are shared, along with a lot of health facts and motivation. I really enjoyed many of the recipes shared, but you can always use your own or head to Pinterest for inspiration, as long you follow this list with your ingredients!

One of my favorite recipes was sweet potato hash, which I will be sharing in another post coming soon!

As I’m sure you read in my update posts, I had a hard time the first couple weeks.  Coming off of the holiday season, I was seriously addicted to sugar. I think the withdrawal from that was the worst part. I got used to not being able to have cheese and didn’t really miss it, but I still missed that piece of chocolate after dinner. The other item I missed greatly was my glass of red wine. I love coming home on Fridays (ok, maybe Wednesdays and Thursdays too #ishouldliveinnapa) and having a nice glass of wine to decompress from my work day. Replacing the wine with sparkling water and a work out was not ideal, but I’m SO GLAD I did.

Ok, let’s talk about these “fizz sticks” shall we? These are crazy little packets of natural energy. I like them. It’s not a rush, like caffeine where you get all jittery, but it’s a brain fog clearing, not hitting that afternoon slump kind of thing. They are “fizzy” but I add a lot more water so I don’t really get that carbonation like you could. They would be very strong tasting if you did less water. I like the pomegranate flavor the best!

By week 3, (which is the week in which you are using the 7-day cleanse) I was feeling better, except then the cleanse came along. The first 2 days of that were pure torture for me. By the third day, I was feeling better and it definitely did not taste as bad. This week was the hardest to get through. Having to drink the cleanse (mixed in 32 oz of water) plus another entire 32 oz of water was exhausting. I already drink a lot of water on a normal basis. However, this cleanse is “cleansing” and so I could not make it through the night that week without waking up to use the bathroom. I will add that I do sleep a lot (for an adult). I go to bed at 9:30 and don’t get up until 6….so maybe some people wouldn’t have to worry about the bathroom use, but it was an issue for me.

Anyway, on to week 4.  This last week got a little intense for me. We had plans with friends on the 27th day. I caved and had an alcoholic drink. I know, I was so close, but I think that made me even more like “whatever”. So, I guess I should maybe call this 27 days to healthy living? lol.

Honestly though, that was enough time for me to get over my sugar addiction. I am definitely way more conscious about the sugar I eat now. I do not let it control me. I’m also SHOCKED (#shook) at the way foods taste different. After all of that time of only eating clean and not having any sugar or processed junk, it’s no lie that other foods taste completely different. Strawberries began to taste very much sweeter than normal. My first bite of cheese didn’t even taste good (gasp!) It is really crazy how things like this affect our bodies. I realize we {I} need to treat our bodies better, and I am definitely continuing this journey.

The workout program I started in conjunction with this is awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you! It’s in week 4 already, and I’m seeing some awesome results! It definitely starts in the kitchen though, and I am not going to pedal backwards just because my 30 days is up! I have NEVER been skinny, (except for those freshman year of high school days when I just didn’t eat…and even then I wasn’t truly skinny). I am a very petite person at only 5’3″ and struggle with belly fat. Yes, the heart attack causing, high cholesterol, cancer type, etc. of fat. It’s in my family genes…unfortunately. No matter how hard I work, my fat goes straight to my stomach and besides not being becoming of a woman, it’s truly one of the most unhealthy things.

So, I work my ass off (pre-this current workout program) on average 5 days a week. With my current program, I’m doing 6 days of intense workouts with the 7th being a rest/stretch day. I still can say, I don’t like to exercise. It’s not something that I’m all excited to do every day, even after a steady month of doing it. I know in my mind I feel better after, but it’s still an internal struggle to actually go do it. Anyway, this new program is inspiring since I am seeing some changes, and I would love nothing more than to not legit freak out when I have an opportunity to wear a swimming suit in the summer. Fingers-crossed over here.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend the Arbonne program. The protein is the best I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried many of them)! I love the vanilla protein with a green apple and some cinnamon all blended together. So dang good! I also really like the digestion plus supplement and miss taking that. The detox tea tastes just like an herbal tea, which I already drank so I didn’t mind it either. All around, I just feel better. I’m not as tired, I have more energy for my workouts, I get full quicker and do not find myself needing that sugary dessert and I’m seeing a lot more definition in my muscles.

If you’re interested in trying out the program, let me know! I will hook you up with my consultant and be the best motivation for you! Heck, maybe I’ll even decide to eat clean again for another month with you! (maybe….) 🙂

xoxo, Nat


  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom
    February 9, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    I wonder why honey and maple syrup are on the ignore list. Both are actually really good for you!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • February 10, 2018 / 12:32 pm

      I think it was just because they have such a high sugar content. It was about making your body less acidic and more neutral so the sugar content in these would not help with that.

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