Friday Favorites – Home Edition

Friday Favorites – Home Edition

Good morning! It’s Friday once again.  I had the best time yesterday hanging with some of my fave gals in Chicago.  We went to The Bean, rode the Water Taxi, and of course had some drinks, lots of laughs, and amazing conversation. A girls’ day never disappoints, right?

So, I’m in desperate need of some home decor inspo right now.  I have several ideas for a theme I’d like to follow, but I have a hard time putting them all together, you know? I just need someone else to come in and be like “yes, this goes here, and this is perfect, etc.”  This Favorites post is all the things I’m currently loving home decor-wise, and that I think would fit with my home aesthetic.

I have a wide open and empty entryway, which is just begging me to decorate it.  I think these items would all fit wonderfully there.  This rug is hands-down my favorite thing right now, and it’s on sale!

I think the chair would also be perfect for a people to have a seat while taking off their shoes, etc.  I need a plant to fill a corner and #3 is the perfect #inspo from Pinterest.  Does anyone know what type of plant that is? I need something just like that or very similar!

You can find the desk (#4) here, and the two wall decor items are included in the Nordstrom sale! yay! #5 is sold out online, but check out your local store ASAP.   The gallery wall set is here.


So, I have come to the conclusion that I love the modern/global theme, with a few vintage pieces too.  It has taken me many years to figure out what I like and narrow it down, because I tend to get distracted by pretty things (i.e., squirrel) lol.  Like I said, I just need someone to just tell me how to put it all together in my space! I’m sure I’ll get there. I know it can’t just happen overnight…but that would be nice! What’s your theme?  How did you figure it out? Did it take you years to find the right items?

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Nat

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