September Vibes

Happy September loves! I have been majorly slacking on the blog front lately. We had such a busy August, and now September is already half over! 🙁 We have been having really amazing weather here, and I wish I could have just sent it down to Texas and Florida.

Sweater; Jeans; Boots

We had such a great time on our quick weekend trip to San Antonio. It was hot and I loved it. I did manage to acquire some allergies I think though, and the plane ride home was horrible. Have you ever rode a plane when the pressure in your head is bad? It hurts. But, anyway. I made it through, and hopefully that never happens again. We stayed in the cutest little AirBnB and explored the River Walk and Fredericksburg and just relaxed, a lot. B got to have his In N Out (his absolute favorite) for his birthday meal, so all was well. We also had some really amazing barbecue at Two Brothers. If you’re in San Antonio, I highly recommend eating there. It was the best barbecue I’ve ever had. I won’t even get started on the creamed corn and macaroni and cheese…to die for!

(this is the glorious In N Out)

Anyway, I’m so excited to share this sweater with you all. It’s so incredibly comfy, comes in 6 other colors, and is ON SALE for under $30! (sale ends tonight)! I am wearing my normal Small, and it’s a little baggy, but that’s how I like it! I am always so excited for fall and sweaters. Click the links above to shop! 😉 They’re my favorites. What is your favorite thing to wear? Have a great Wednesday!

xoxo, Nat


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  1. Loving those boots! Great post!

    1. Thanks so much Julie!😘

  2. Okay, loving that sweater! I can’t wait for sweater weather to come to AZ! It’s still 110 here! ;( NEED that burger and fries too, omggg!

    1. Ohh girl, that’s hot!! And in AZ you probably aren’t to far from one! Lucky girl!!! Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks so much jen!

  3. Omg that In n’ out looks so good! Love the way you tied up the sweater!

    1. Thank you Marie! In n out never disappoints!🍔

  4. I love your boots so much!


  5. Oh my gosh that In N Out looks amazing!

    1. Right?! Haha it’s just so good!

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