Friday Favorites with Banana Republic

It’s Friday again! (do you all ever feel like you just “live” for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?). Anyway, I wanted to share a few favorites from Banana Republic today, because I’ll be at the Friends and Family event TOMORROW! You can score 40% off of your purchase, so be sure to come out and see […]

Friday Favorites – Mother’s Day Gifts

Helllloo Friday.  Boy, I have to admit that this week has been a real doozy for me.  I’ve been battling some sort of allergy and/or sinus infection thing and it was admittedly terrible.  I made it to work of course, as it’s my last week at this current job so I couldn’t be a slacker, […]

The End of an Era: What I Learned in my 20s

So for the entire year of 2016, I kept having these moments of serious anxiety about turning the big 3-0. (since my birthday is in January, I did have the entire year to reflect).  But, as my 30th birthday started to sneak up closer and closer, my anxiety began to subside, and I came to […]